How Long will it take?                                                                                                                  The length of time it will take to install your floor will vary depending on the size and detail of the project. A typical 3″ wide plank floor, of 1,000 square feet, can be installed in about 5-7 days.  

Sanding and finishing a floor 1,000 square feet, typically will take 2-3 days of sanding and 2 days of finishing. Staining requires another day for application. Total time 5-7 days.

Is there Dust?                                                                                                                                    My dust collection systems make the sanding process cleaner, safer and faster than ever. You don’t have to worry about sealing up the cabinets.

What Kind of finish do we use?                                                                                             There are two basic types of finish products that we use. The first is a solvent based or, “Oil Modified Polyurethane.” This has long lasting durability and performs well under heavy traffic. This type of finish is associated with heavy fumes and odor, lasting for a few days. These typically take about 8-10 hours to dry. With a cure time of up to two weeks. Requires maintenance every two to five years. Standard application product on all floors, unless requested otherwise.

The second is a highly durable, “Water-Borne Finish”. These products are designed for heavy traffic areas such as residential, retail and commercial environments. These products offer faster dry time with no odor, long lasting durability, UV light resistant and cures in half the time. Requires maintenance every two to five years

Our waterborne floor finishes come with the green guard technologies seal. Which means they are safe for your home, pets, children and elderly and people with allergies.

Do you have a crew?                                                                                                                      We employ skilled craftsman with knowledge in all aspects of wood floor work as well as use the latest technology to complete your flooring project.

What if we don’t like it?                                                                                                                We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We take pride in our my work and don’t skip steps. We will do everything possible to make your floors look as good as they can look.

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